How do I buy a cartoon? 

Use the search bar to enter a keyword for your topic, such as “Leader” or “Team”.  Relevant on-target cartoons will appear.  Select your cartoon and click “Add to cart” to instantly download.  

If I buy a presentation cartoon, how many times can I use the cartoon?

Cartoons purchased for Presentation can be used an unlimited number of times.

In what format do I download the cartoons?

Cartoons are available in jpeg files for digital use and in high resolution jpeg files for print use. Select your specific usage need (small, medium, large or education) in the purchase process.

What about the watermark?

The watermark on each cartoon instantly disappears as soon as you pay for and download your cartoon(s).

How long does it take to download a cartoon?

Downloads are immediate.

If I buy a cartoon, do I own the copyright?

The standard rights purchased are second rights.  Additional usage rights to a cartoon can be purchased.  In many cases the cartoon can be “bought out” and you own it exclusively.  To inquire about these additional rights contact hello@cartoonresource.com

Can I use a cartoon in my digital presentation and in my handout or other printed material?

Rights for both digital presentation usage and print presentation usage can be purchased by selecting MEDIUM during the download purchase process.

Will you change the cartoon caption for my usage?

Yes, Cartoon Resource will change the caption of any cartoon for client use.  Contact  hello@cartoonresource.com with your request and we will alter the caption to your specifications.  There is a minimal price for this service.

How do I commission you to create custom cartoons for me?

Contact hello@cartoonresource.com with your request.  Please provide your usage, number of cartoons, whether B&W or color, and circulation (if appropriate).  We will then provide pricing and details for your project. Upon acceptance of the price and contract, we will develop written ideas for each project cartoon.  Upon receipt of your feedback, we will create the final art, which will be sent to you via email attachment.

Additional questions?

Contact hello@cartoonresource.com or call 616-307-5121.